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Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Aisha Abdulkadir Umar June 12, 2022 13

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Unfortunately, broken relationships are often easier to form than strong relationships. We all know that relationships take work, but do we all know how to do that work or what that would even look like? Although every relationship is unique and thrives off of different values and behaviors, here are some ways you can try in order to strengthen your relationship.

1.Ask for what you need
Communicate your expectations.
Your partner wants to support you, so help him/her out by verbally communicating how they can do so. If you need someone to listen, ask your partner to be free of distractions while you are talking. If you need them to be in charge of a certain chore or errand for the week, let them know that you have a lot on your plate and would really appreciate if they could lighten the load.
2. Spend time together
Though this idea may seem overly simplistic, spending quality time together can be the most challenging feat for many couples. Take a moment now to think about how much quality time you actually get to spend with your partner. Is it just enough, too much, or not enough for you? Would your partner have the same response to this question? Perhaps this should be a topic to discuss or personal need to communicate to and with your partner first and foremost.
3.Cooking together is one of the very few activities (another being having sex) that uses all five senses. This activity is good for increasing intimacy, and there is no shame in needing to take a cooking class in order to master this skill. However, there is also no shame in failing at it together, either.Talk about these questions as often as you can (these questions are set to be discussed weekly) for a way to foster healthy attachment through vulnerability:
How did I love you well this past week?
Did I do anything to upset you this past week?
Are there any unspoken or unsaid hurt feelings, resentments, or frustrations?
What is one specific thing I can do for you next week?
What dreams/thoughts/visions are at the forefront of your mind this coming week?
Make up your own question!
Write love notes or letters to one another. Talking about hopes and dreams can help you get inspired so that you can open up about what ignites a fire from within.

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